Thursday, 18 October 2012

Online Recruitment Software

Online Recruitment is done by using the capability of Internet, Computers and suitable software as against traditional methods that use manual labor, that are time-intensive, cost high and have limited geographic reach. With the advent of technology the recruitment process encased the advantages of the same and thus improved the activities of bridging the vacant positions against resumes in its database. In the last 10-15 years, employers and resourcing service companies have been utilizing the power of database, job portals and search engines to fulfill their needs more effectively and more efficiently than ever before.

With the use of the internet, the vacant positions of a company or positions that recruitment agencies intend to fulfill on behalf of companies can be broadcast to the entire world and expect to receive and process speedy responses from qualified candidates. This turns in considerably higher number of applications than traditional methods.

With online recruitment software, we have global reach, ease, speed, communication, saving of time, effort and cost. Global reach gives us higher chances of locating perfect candidate for the position. Not only that, unlike traditional print media, the job advert remains traceable easily, therefore chances of missing it from the standpoint of candidates is minimized. In the event of the candidate being busy, he/she can always come back to the ad in his sweet time. With competent use of appropriate tools to sift, sort and grade the resumes, it can certainly yield beneficial results. With the use of computing resources coupled with the power of internet, the vacancies reach out and candidatures begin to arrive in little or no time at all.

No exaggeration but there are examples of candidates being interviewed within 3 hours of the online advert being put out; even if it takes 48 hours, still companies perceive such performance a huge bonus, an outcome of using online recruitment software. Such companies have made online recruitment a standard procedure. It does not require expensive equipment. The saving is immense with pre-selections being performed automatically. This ensures the company receiving qualified candidatures to interview. It gives all the candidates their worth. The time saved by the interview panel directly translates into profits.

This gets even better with numerous sites offering companies and resourcing agents putting out adverts for free. It is not all that complicated; one does not need an IT expert to manage the procedures involved in online recruitment. Lack of competence can turn the advantages into great disadvantages though. Usage of online recruitment assures consistency in the qualification and experience of candidates across various branches and regions. Data of non-qualifying candidates are also useful, as it can be scanned against past recruitment and saved for use in a future exigency. The expenditure on online recruitment has been rising by leaps and bounds with almost all companies claiming massive savings on account of using it. It aims at streamlining requisite processes so the HR departments can focus researching and providing other value additions and increased productivity to various departments in the company with the time saved by the usage of online recruitment. Key features of a good online recruitment program or application are pre-selection, profiling, scoring, psychometric tests, resume parsing, isolate qualifications and skill key words.

Depending on their skills, a staff involved in online recruitment would utilize search engines to find requisite skilled resumes by using three methods – X Ray  Title, Body & Directory. X Ray search is searching in a given website alone. Title search would look for texts such as CV, Curriculum Vitae. Body search looks for given skill sets in the main body of resumes. Directory search looks for resume directories.

In the process of online recruitment, it is crucial to have a competent application. It should be capable of sifting, sorting and grading the innumerable applications that land in. It should be capable of being configured to post your adverts to predetermined sites such as job portals, professional and social networking sites. When configured to predetermined criteria, it would sift, sort, grade and rank the resumes.

Among the variety solutions available around, the cloud based solutions stand out clearly. For a fee, it can be virtually set up for use instantly, with no need for installation and certainly no involvement of administration overheads. It would furnish all support that one could need at any given time of the day, week, month or year; provides simultaneous collaboration, provide necessary updates and upgrades from time to time. Unlike off the shelf application software, the tool can be accessed from any computer from anywhere in the world at any time of the day to aid online recruitment.

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